About Coach Connector

Coach Connector is a game changing tool with a lofty mission. Whether you are an HR Department, Coach or Coaching Consultancy – we have everything you need to help you manage your Coaching world.

Coach Connector may also reduce your corporation’s carbon footprint through encouraging both local face-to-face coaching and global video coaching options. 10% of all profits from the use of this platform are invested in charity to help women and children in need of support.

We believe in listening to our members and building a solution that fits their needs. With first rate, rapid support, friendly service and a happy smile, we provide that extra ingredient that makes us more than just another platform.


We are not selling you an account, we are inviting you to become a member of a network that exists to help all those in the coaching industry to be the best they can be! We are working hard on our user experience and have developed different types of account to specifically match the varying requirements of our different user groups. This in turn allows us to focus more precisely on your unique needs; so regardless of whether you are a coach, a business or a consultancy, you can be sure that your account functionality has been designed specifically to help you.

Coach Connector will save organizations time, money and resources by facilitating the connection between organizations and coaches in all major cities worldwide. We offer the ability to search for and match coaches to specific requirements, taking into account such things as experience, accreditation, location and language.

And with your coach chosen you can then manage your entire program through the platform, from start to finish – including time management, branding, CRM and step by step monitoring of objectives and feedback – right down to a tool to measure the value of the program itself.


After finding and matching with a coach, Coach Connector has a suite of project tools to allow you to create, manage and keep track of ongoing coaching programs. Users can easily send profiles to potential coachees, coordinate chemistry meetings, set coaching objectives, with regular progress updates from the coach. Let the system do most of the organizing and tracking for you.

Coach Connector allows you to quickly develop and manage your coaching programs with all the required tools in one place. From CRM records through to step by step program management, your portal has it covered.

Coach Connector provides all the tools you need to smoothly take any program through each and every step, from matching the coach to the coaches through to measuring the value of each program. Pitch with confidence, giving instant branded access to your relevant coaching resource removing the need for drawn out paper trails and email chains.

Coach Connector is the only coaching platform to boast the CoCo Index, a flexible, easy to use tool that allows you to measure how effective your programs have been. With the CoCo Index you will be provided with a rich report for each of your programs allowing you to see at a glance where your programs have given value.


We are unaware of anything which even comes close to rivaling the services offered by the Coach Connector platform.

Unlike various other platforms, there is no set monthly fees for coaches or clients so it is free to join and become a member of our thriving network.

Coach Connector has so much to offer, here are just some of the great features you will find when joining:

1. Free to join membership

2. Beautifully crafted coach profiles, fully searchable and available on screen or in PDF format

3. A smooth, intuitive user experience that we are constantly looking to improve and upgrade

4. A dashboard driven automated system, branded portals, CRM, program management and Chemistry tool to help ensure the best match between coach and coachee

5. Management tools to walk you through best practice coaching processes, including objective setting, success measures, scheduling, midpoint reviews and stakeholder feedback comments

6. A unique ROI tool to enable you to measure the value and effectiveness of each coaching programme – The CoCo-Index

7. AI functionality capable of automatically identifying certain factors about any given program and completing the resulting admin for you

Businesses and Coaching Consultancies can use the platform to ring-fence their existing coaches (internal or external) and just offer those select coaches to coachees as well as use the directory services to fill gaps and grow their team!