• Free & Instant Access – Less than a minute to sign up
  • Easy to Use – Intuitive interface
  • White Label – Brand to your consultancy or clients
  • Match Your Needs – Supplement your team of Coaches
  • Manage All Your Programs – All from one place
  • Monitor in Real Time – Keep up with everything as it happens
  • CRM – Store all of your clients and users in one place
  • Manage All Your Coaches – Index your coaches from one page
  • ROI Tool via the CoCo Index – How successful are your programs?
  • Business Development – Pitch for programs through the platform
  • And Much More …


Let Coach Connector push your consultancy to the fore with technology that will enhance your business reputation. With a platform specifically designed for coaching consultancies, you can streamline your business flow saving time while making your days easier.

Join Coach Connector to expand your global presence and promote your business to a network of multinational organizations around the world. Coach Connector allows you to build a profile that will highlight your company’s expertise and specialties while introducing you to potential new clients. You can even distribute your company profile as a PDF file that you can print out or attach to an email.

Manage all your coaches and CRM records in one place, use the platform to augment your team, pitch for business and brand programs to your clients. These are just some of the many tools that are available through Coach Connector to help you enhance your business.


Coach Connector allows you to quickly develop and manage your coaching programs with all the required tools in one place. From CRM records through to step by step program management, your portal has it covered.

Choose to match your coaches to a requirement or search for additional coaches from our database. Coach Connector provides all the tools you need to smoothly take any program through each and every step, from matching the coach to the coaches through to measuring the value of each program. Pitch with confidence, giving instant branded access to your relevant coaching resource removing the need for drawn out paper trails and email chains.

Coach Connector is the only coaching platform to boast the CoCo Index, a flexible, easy to use tool that allows you to measure how effective your programs have been. With the CoCo Index you will be provided with a rich report for each of your programs allowing you to see at a glance where your programs have given value.