mBraining: Part 4 – So what is special about mBraining?

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A series of explorations into a new paradigm in coaching (or a re-emergence of what we always knew?)

Part 4 – So what is special about mBraining?

We have looked at what mBraining is, where it came from and what makes a brain (scientifically). We have also explored some basic applications. Just in case you are still not excited – let me share with you my own views on what makes mBraining so special.

What is special about mBraining?

mBraining is not a process driven, prescriptive coaching model. It is a heuristic, underpinned by scientific evidence. Learning to be an mBIT Coach requires that you learn about the brains, so you can use them in a way that enables you to honour the individuality of each client and how they use their brains.

Grant Soosalu and Suzanne Henwood

It requires a deep sense of listening (with far more than just your ears) and an ability to control your own physiology to guide your client into coherence and balance (without which they will not be able to communicate with, nor align their multiple brains). It is only when the brains have openly communicated and come into alignment, and are then operating at their highest expressions, that you will see the clients’ internal wisdom emerge.

mBraining then is an art form, a dance between two partners in an exquisite dynamic process. A respectful, deep, integrated and profound approach to coaching, that truly believes the client has the answers within themselves. The changes are ontological and transformational. The coach becomes a biofeedback amplifier of the human spirit (one of the many amazing Grant Soosalu phrases).

The applications of mBraining are ever growing, there is barely a field that I can think of that is not covered in some way by mBraining. My own area of expertise is in personal transformation work and in psychological safety at work, stress reduction and a deep process of reconnecting with self, often required as part of the healing process after working in toxic work environments, or after stress and anxiety. I have a particular interest in how to approach bullying differently – to avoid becoming just a stronger bully and forcing your way forward. I cannot predict what else will be following in the years ahead as the field is evolving so fast.

And, I am currently part of a Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) with the University of Auckland to show the impact of mBIT Coaching on stress and anxiety (results expected in 2020). I know this works (I have used it on myself and with hundreds of clients) but without an RCT it is unlikely to become main stream practice. Hopefully that is not far away.

I am a passionate advocate for mBraining and am privileged to be one of two mBIT Master Coaches and mBIT Master Trainers globally. I travel round the world training Coaches, Trainers and Master Coaches. (Teaser: in Master Coach we teach another two brains to bring into the coaching model, making mBIT even more profound.)

mBIT has changed who I am as a person and changed how I do life. It radically changed my coaching, and my interaction with people generally. In my previous professional role as an Associate Professor in Health I was very much a ‘Head on Legs’. A very successful head on legs (depending on the criteria you use). I was young, in the professoriate, a published author several times over, a sought after conference speaker and a trainer globally. I advised at senior level on policy writing and implementation and assisted on research that would impact on peoples lives over and over. mBIT changed that. I learned to open my heart again and live my life from a beautifully aligned and integrated way across all of my brains. My own experience of life has changed profoundly. My definition of success changed. It has been a deeply spiritual journey for me and one that I am profoundly grateful at having had (and continue to have).

An overview of the process

As coaches, you are probably asking “How do we do that?” A brief over view of the process is offered here – but the real answer is, you need to come and train as an mBIT Coach to really find out. As you learn about it and experience the shift for yourself – you will then understand the power of the techniques and the philosophy underpinning it. You will understand the underpinning theory and neurological science to ensure you practice safely and effectively.

mBIT Road Map

The mBIT Process (in brief) includes the following stages:

  • Be aware you have multiple brains!

  • Want to work with your whole body

  • Know how to access those brains

  • Know what stops you using the multiple brains in an aligned way

  • Balance the Autonomic Nervous System

  • Communicate with each brain individually

  • Enable your three brains to communicate with each other

  • Enable each brain to work to its own higher purpose and

  • Align your brains to ensure they are congruent and all working together towards your highest expression

  • Allow new wisdom to emerge

There are many, many benefits to mBraining, but if I were to generalise, I would say through this process that you will discover a sense of purpose and identity to give you confidence to be yourself and to allow yourself to evolve and grow. To quote Grant Soosalu, it’s about ‘Bringing the Human Spirit Alive”.

You hold a unique identity

From my free online eBOOK:(available from http://www.mbraining4success.com/download-ebook/)

Once in an aligned congruent state you will be amazed how easily things fall into place. How you suddenly find you have got all the resources you need to do whatever it is you want to do. You will find a peace and tranquillity, a ‘rightness’ about where you are and what you are doing.

You will find you make wiser decisions and resolve inner conflict easily and effortlessly.

You will find it easier to take action as your gut brain will be congruently motivated to make things happen for your higher good.

You can start to dream new dreams and really make an even bigger difference in the world.

While it seems a little trite to say this will change your world – we have found that it has for us and for our clients. We are seeing clients transform what they do and how they do it and just find a real satisfaction and joy that they had lost somewhere along the way. We see authentic smiles and joy (indeed tears) as people break free of old chains – and it is such a privilege, which is why we are now keen to share it with you and everyone to evolve a whole new world.

Where can I find out more?

You can download my free eBook here: http://www.mbraining4success.com/download-ebook/

mBraining.com is full of free resources, including interviews with remarkable minds (all free to download – interviews with the key thinkers underpinning the theories in mBraining).

My website (mBraining4success.com) also has free talks and blogs and a free stress reduction meditation for anyone who is doing life tough right now.

There are a range of publications including:

My own book on Leadership in healthcare was the first place we wrote up mBIT and Leadership in book form.

We have published case studies in academic journals:


And Grant Soosalu and I we are regular contributors to World Wide Coaching Magazine and Rapport (a publication of ANLP):



You can connect with me through various social media:

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Facebook: mBraining4success and
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Enjoy exploring. I hope you enjoyed this brief insight into this amazing field and do feel free to get in touch if you want to know more.

Dr Suzanne Henwood

Heart to Heart and Soul to Soul

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