The Best Way a VA Can Support a Coach

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The Best Way a VA Can Support a Coach

By Natasha Lancaster (Red Stilettos)

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a Virtual Assistant is a must addition to any coaching business. There are a lot of ways a VA can support a coach – book-keeping, diary management, invoicing and even lifestyle support.

I believe that one of the most important things a VA can bring to the table is outstanding customer service.

Your clients are your bread and butter and they deserve the best VIP treatment. You can provide the best coaching ever but what happens outside of coaching?

As a successful coach you have other clients too. Your days are now filled with back to back coaching sessions, delivering workshops, courting new client – all the things that you LOVE doing. You don’t have time OR headspace for booking and re-booking sessions.

Corporate clients are the high paying clients. Their company usually picks up the tab for your services. That very company also owns them. They are not in control of their time – if they are told to drop everything and fly across the world for a three-hour meeting, they fly.

They work in the system with support staff who loathe their 9-5 situation and will complain about anything and everything that makes their lives harder and adds to their workload.

And then they find you – the best coach under the sun. They love you and you are an answer to all their prayers. They have a couple of sessions with you and then boom! – they cancel the day before due to an unexpected meeting with a boss. They hate cancelling but have no choice.

The session is rescheduled and then unexpectedly they have to cancel again. This time they have re-write all the budgets for their department.

This is where your VA would step in. And the way he or she interacts and reacts would make all the difference.

Whenever I face this situation, I always try to imagine a real person behind the name. What is their Type? What is their DISC? How can I communicate more effectively? How can I be most helpful?

I know that they already feel awful for having to cancel several times. So I approach the situation as a matter of fact. I send them a fresh batch of dates or a link to the calendar. For the second time, third time or fifth time. No judgement, no drama. It’s never an inconvenience.

The way I see it, there is a human being on the receiving end whose life is very stressful. It is my job to help them book a session with the best coach in the world who can help them improve their life.

I don’t just help them to book or re-book, my personal challenge is to make them smile in the process. And when I can hear that smile in their voice or read it between the lines, I know that my job here is done.
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